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Classic Helicopter Safaris

Service Provider: SP Safari Tours

A helicopter safari is an exclusive and personalized safari around the game parks or reserve. Using a helicopter as the primary mode of transport with a unique benefit of being able to land virtually anywhere, making even some of the most remote and uninhabited areas accessible. Our helicopter safaris are highly adaptable, and can be planned around your exact needs and desires.

Helicopters open up a whole new frontier on safari. Being able to hover and virtually land anywhere creates totally new photographic opportunities and gives rapid access to places that are otherwise unreachable. Certain operators allow for flying with doors open for fantastic visibility. Harnesses ensure total guest safety. Let us fly you to the northern Kenya to see the architecture of nomadic settlements including Samburu heartland into Pokot and then Turkana regions near Sudan and Ethiopia.  You will see an inevitable sight of warriors tending to hundreds of livestock in their habitat.

Seeing anything from the air gives you unrivaled perspective. Viewing migrating wildlife or landscapes as dramatic as the Great Rift Valley, from above, is one of the ultimate ways to enhance a safari experience.

We welcome you to come and experience not only the action of wildlife animals in their habitat but their intelligence in their hunting skills from a bird' s eye view - a helicopter safari. 

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