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Do you desire to live a National Geographic Dream? Then, allow SP Safari Tours connect you to the wetland paradise of Africa with the best group safari deals.. Africa is a photographer‘s dream, from its very sun-drenched plains, treacherous rivers and unforgiving jungles which are filled will all sorts of wildlife.

A well planned Africa safari can be some of your most memorable experience in a lifetime. Our team will set you and your group for the type of safari experience you desire. Each of these type of safaris is unique and will provide you with an unforgettable experience. Choose from either of the ones listed below and we shall customize it to fit your group needs including meals and accommodations.


1) National or Game parks Safaris - This is the most common safari for groups or individuals
2) Family Safaris - This type of safari is offered specifically for families
3) Vacation safaris - This is ideal for friends or families
4) Romantic Honeymoon Safaris - This type of safari is mainly offered for couples
5) Horseback Safaris - Please email us for a quote on this type of safari
6) Camping Safaris
7) Mobil Safaris
8) Walking Safaris
9) Helicopter Safaris