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You’ve waited months for your safari to finally come around. And now you have to decide what you must pack for your safari. Decisions, decisions, decisions. SP Safari Tours Inc. is here to help and here are a few of our tips:

Quick reminder: Please don't forget to bring the following items with you;

1. Passport, itinerary, travel insurance docs and eTickets
It seems obvious, but we would be remiss if we didn't put this at the top of the list of what you must pack for your safari.

2. Prescription meds
Remember to put your prescription medications in your hand luggage (in case your check-in bag goes astray... it happens!)…and make sure you have enough of each type to last your entire safari.

3. Prescription glasses (sunglasses, hat and sunblock
If you wear prescription glasses, be sure to pack more than one set (in case you lose one or they get broken). You will be outdoors for much of the time, so be prepared. Pack a hat, sunblock, long sleeves, and lip balm.

4. Cameras and binoculars
Remember, Africa is a photographer’s dream. Not only does the boundless wildlife come in all shapes and sizes, but the continent is also blessed with stunning landscapes, colorful people and fabulous light! Don’t miss out. Buy a good camera, if you don’t already have one. Whilst most people will remember to take their camera and/or video (or will use their mobile phone), not everyone thinks they need to take binoculars! Binoculars are ESSENTIAL for optimum wildlife viewing on safari (and a GOOD pair of binoculars will make a BIG difference to your safari). We strongly recommend a pair of binoculars on safari. Get the most expensive you can afford (at least 8x or better still 10x magnification).

5) Clothings and laundry services
Park comfortable wash-and-wear clothing for it will be most useful. Jackets and ties are only required in certain hotel, restaurants and golf clubs. Most international airlines will restrict your check-in luggage to around 20 to 30kgs (55 pounds) so park lightly. If your safari itinerary includes any light aircraft flights, then this can mean as little as 12 to 15 kgs (sometimes including your hand luggage).

Don’t panic! Remember, a same-day laundry service is usually available in most safari camps and lodges. This means you DO NOT need a change of clothes for each day you are on safari! The exception will be for mobile tented safaris where it is often difficult, due the mobile nature, to offer a laundry service. It may also be possible to leave a bag with the charter company, or person meeting you, for the duration of the safari portion. When in doubt, ask your travel agent.
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